Soundtrack of life Meme

Nabbed from my buddy Phayte

If your life was a soundtrack: Meme

1. open your library
2. put it on shuffle
3. press play
4. for every question, type the song that’s playing


1 - Opening credits
Cosmic Dare (Pretty With a Pistol) - Seatbelts
(....LOL awesome XD )

2 - Waking up
Double Crossed Fool - Hellsing OST
(well...i do need loud music to wake up lol I'm a heavy sleeper when extra tired)

3 - First day at school
Pretty Handsome Awkward - The Used
(...first days suck)

4 - Falling in love
Invocation of the Apocalyptic - Dragonforce
( falling in love for me is creepy? O.o )
5 - Breaking up
Riot of Citizens - Gundam Wing OST
(...i go into war-mode? o.O )

6 - Prom
Fight for your Right (To Party) - Beastie Boys
( Haaa! XD)

7 - Life’s okay
Be Elegant - Ali Project
(I do often wish my life was more elegant...fits i suppose)

8 - Mental breakdown
Fuck It - Seether
(LOL this fits <3)

9 - Driving
Immortal - The Rasmus
( ...okay *blinks*)

10 - Flashback
Don't Stay - Linkin Park
(This fits...not fond of my flashbacks usually)

11 - Getting back together
Sweet Talking Woman - Electric Light Orchestra

12 - Wedding
Make Up Your Mind - Initial D Second Stage OST
( lover will be unfaithful? well...shit. that sucks)

13 - Birth of child
Goodnight Julia - Seatbelts, Cowboy Bebop OST
( thats depressing...)

14 - Final battle
Wake the Dead - The Used
( I'll use a zombie army? LOL XD )

15 - Death scene
La Dix Croix - Moi Dix Mois
(that fits...i think?)

16 - Funeral song
Narcisse Noir - Ali Project
(black daffodil? ...okay.  It kinda works)

17 - End credits
Your Forgivness - The Rasnus
(damn my ipod is depressing on random lol)

18 - How am I feeling today?
Not Meant for Me - Static X - Queen of the Damned Soundtrack
(i'm feeling trapped?  news to me)

19 - Where will I get married?
I Wanna Be Sedated - The Ramones
(I'll be married in a hospital? WTF XD )

20 - What is my best friend’s theme song?
Forbidden - Moi Dix Mois, Album: Dialogue Symphonie
(I guess that works....she bought the CD for me XD)

21 - What was high school like?
Hypocrites - KoRn

22 - What is the best thing about me?
Freak on a Leash - KoRn
(LOL well i DO like being led around on a leash, and I'm called a freak by my friends...XD )

23 - How is today going to be?
Tenshin Ranman - Rozen Maiden OST
(peppy?  o.o Meh )

24 - What is in store for this weekend?
Chocobo Battle Theme - FFVII OST
( ... LMAO )

25 What song describes my parents?
Flying Ninjas - Xena OST
(o.o ...i always said they had ninja skills...but i was only joking...)

26 - How is my life going?
Sound of Madness - Shinedown
(oddly - that kinda fits)

27 - What song will they play at my funeral?
Hey My Friend - TommyHeavenly6
(well, I've always liked the song.)

28 - How does the world see me?
he Mummer's Dance - Loreena McKennitt
(...hmm )

29 - What do my friends really think of me?
Body Crumbles - Dry Cell
(..well I do feel broken)

30 - Do people secretly lust after me?
Tibetan Buddhist Chant - Manjushri Heart Mantra
(....a mantra from the Bodhisattva of wisdom? WTF?)

31 - How can I make myself happy?
Let's All Get Demented - Ivor Biggun. Dr. Demento 30th Anniversary Edition.
( They're coming to take me away, haha! )

32 - What should I do with my life?
Throw Them Overboard - Abney Park
( Get more Steampunk, I guess XD )

33 - Will I ever have children?
A Symphony of Pirates - Yoko Kanno, Uncharted Waters OST
(Apparently they will be pirates lol )

34 - What is some good advice?
Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide - Shinedown
( Don't abuse drugs kids )

35 - What do I think my current theme song is?
Given Up - Linkin Park
( ...yep )

36 - What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Chocobo Rock Theme - FFVIII
(...LOL WTF? Okay... )

37 - What type of men do I like?
No! Virtual! - Gravitation OST
(I prefer my men animated, and gay )

38 - Will I get married?
Helena - My Chemical Romance
(...guess not *sigh* )

39 - What should I do with my love life?
Isolation - Ali Project
( Learn to live with loneliness I suppose. No one wants a broken doll.)

40 - Where will I live?
Color Me Blood Red - Malice Mizer
( o.o¿ )

41 - What will my dying words be?
Codename: Heero Yuy - Gundam Wing Operation 01 OST
(LOL XD "...Omae O Korosu" )

42 - How’s my day going so far?
Winterborn - The Cruxshadows
(I hide pain and fight alone? ...i guess so. Good song though)

43 - How’s my love life?
The Cat Came Back - Wally Pleasant
(....yeah, that was last relationship - clingy as HELL )
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urg...13 hours since being in the hospital for 5 due to a massively stubborn asthma attack and i still feel like death warmed over....and one more night of working a 12 hour shift - joy. T_T


Every year my family gives me the "What do you want?" for birthdays and Ive decided to prep early! :D

Since I'm trying to get back into Bento-packing for my lunches/12hr work-shift meals; I've been looking at J-List again.
Since there's so many things I want to buy but don't have the means right now - I made a wishlist! (wonderful function J-List, I commend you)

Wishlist is here:

Hopefully, it will inspire and not confuse my family members XD  Being that J-List is in English - I'm leaning more toward inspire.,,,


Urg - so tired....

Short update because I feel dead.

Bodyline shirt I ordered is too small - even double checked my measurements.  NOT what they said they are on the site. Debating on deconstructing some pieces and adding them on an existing shirt to further lolify it.

Car is in need of $500-worth of repairs on Thurs, and the transmission will probably give out between now and a year from now.  So, saving for a new car.  Hopefully I can get a down-payment together before it dies.

Gotta do taxes...blah.
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*pokes laundry to check for hobos*

Have a class for work this week so flipping my schedule the next few days. 
Taking the opportunity to catch up on the massive TO DO list that's run away from me over the past few months. 

Currently tackling the laundry.  (in a very...VERY roundabout fashion... heh ^_^¿ )

Tomorrow's list includes: 
  • car maintenance
  • picking up Innocent World order from post office
  • getting new sheet/comforter set from Target (black comforter is getting a bit depressing after 2 years)
  • Grocer's
  • Hopefully finish base for classic-style JSK in order to finish it completely by Friday.


Okay....woke up this morning to check my email - and what did I find?

An email form Billy, the QutieLand International Rep - not only wishing their clients a happy and lucky New Year in the Year of the Rabbit (which is wonderful IMO, wising your clients a happy new year) but a voucher coupon for HKD$58.

Squee! I love coupons/vouchers! <3 *flails hands*

I realize its not that much - but the fact that they would do something like that for their customers always sits well with me.  It shows they really care about their business and their client-base.

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Who knew insomnia could be so insightful?

 I work nights now and usually after a 12 hour shift I’m dog-tired and ready for bed. Today however, I had insomnia.  So instead of moping about trying futily to sleep or reading like I usually do – I went for a different approach.

 Though, it all started with an epiphany.  One of those “Ah-Ha!” idea lightbulb above the head type moments. I realized that I’ve changed because of Lolita Fashion.  Now – I know I’ve mentioned this on my blog before – but I really have; it just sunk in more than usual today I suppose. 

As I was walking past my vanity I saw all the beauty products that I’ve accumulated since starting in the fashion, but have never really touched.  They’ve just sat there prettily except for once or twice when I’ve ACTUALLY bothered to use them.

 I asked myself:  “Why do I have all this stuff if I never use it?” 

 Two years ago…maybe even one year ago;  my initial reaction to this self-question would have been: “Yeah – why DO I have all this if I never use it?”  and I would have thrown them away.  Today was different.  I found myself thinking “Why DON’T I use all this stuff?”  There was only one answer I came up with. Laziness. 

 Being that I’m trying to change my bad habits – anytime “laziness” becomes my answer; I’ve been trying to change that response into something more constructive.  So – instead of attempting to combat my insomnia with reading or staring off into space; I went a different route. 

 Jumping outside my comfort zone I decided to pamper myself.  It’s not like I was doing much else, and everything has been sitting on my vanity for a year.  I say pampering myself is outside my comfort zone for 2 reasons:


1)     I grew up a tomboy. Up until 2 years ago I was never comfortable wearing a dress or skirt, let alone anything pink.

2)     Pampering myself always seemed like a waste of time.  I used to tell myself it wasn’t worth it because I’d never be pretty.


Both of these, I’ve come to realize; are utterly foolish.  If there is one thing that this fashion has taught me is that EVERYONE is beautiful; and if you feel beautiful, it shows through on the outside as well.

 So – I pampered myself as much as I could head to toe, feeling incredibly feminine as I did so.  

 Starting from the top, my regiment was the following:


For my legs I prefer the use of  “Skintimate Strawberry Tangerine Twist” shave gel.


I like it mostly for the smell.  It smells AMAZING! Though sometimes, I feel like I’m a parfait while I’m using it. LOL.


For general body purposes, “Method Body – Marine Naturals Refresh Mint Body Wash” is my scrub of choice.


The mint scent is really invigorating and it leaves my skin feeling really fresh and awake. 


Then I move on to my hair.  I like to start with the conditioner instead of the shampoo, personally – as my hair tends to be on the oily side because it’s rather thick.  My current conditioner is “Suave Naturals Juicy Apple Conditioner”



Then on to a matching shampoo:



For my face I tend to use “Clean & Clear Oil free Deep Action Exfoliating Scrub” 


It works really well and has a cooling after effect so its another one of those “POW! WAKE UP” feelings afterward.


After all this, to help repair split ends on my hair I used “Got2b Smooth Operator Smoothing Lustre Lotion”



I got this on a whim and found out later that it’s not easy to come by in regular supermarkets.  I found mine at Walgreens for about $3.  A little bit goes a long way with this though – so if you use it, don’t over do it.  I have shoulder-length hair and 1 pump from the dispenser is plently.  Not only does it repair damage to hair, it also detangles.  So if you’ve got a nasty snarl – work some of this into your hair, and give the tangle another try. 

For body lotion I tried something I’d never even opened before.  “Avons – Skin-So-Soft Fusions Soft & Sensual Body Moisturizer” 

I don’t know why I’d never used this before – Its fantastic!


And finally, the product I’d only used twice before as a make-up remover “Jergen’s All-Purpose Face Cream”



You can get a sizable tub of this at Walgreen’s for only a few dollars.  This time I used it as a face cream and it feels great.  My skin is really soft and smooth.

 For the first time in my life I was overly girly to myself, for myself – and I LOVED IT! 

I also realized though all of this that despite having a blog, I’ve always hesitated to write in it because I was worried about what people might say or think.  Honestly? That’s going to stop.  I started this Lifestyle blog for me, and I’m going to write what I want – whether people think my life is boring or not.  If my posts help someone in some way – fantastic!  But I’m finished agnsting over something so silly. 

To this effect – I’ve added an addendum to my New Year’s Resolution.  I’m going to update my blog once a week.  Whether it’s a large post – or a 2 line update. 

That’s all from me for now – I’m off to try and catch some sleep. 



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Over Ambitious?

While searching for a doll-sized laptop for a friends plush that I'm making - found a black one intended for Pullips Taeying DAL model.
Hoping it will be big enough for one of our dolls, as I couldn't find any dimensions for either of the accessories I bought .  Both dolls are about 18 inches and I don't even have mine purchased yet. lol

At the very least - our boys will be owners of Netbooks. XD

Item #1

Item #2 (To be modified):

Hopefully one of them works.  We'll see!


Finally got a chance to add to my Frill wardrobe again! YAY JOB!

Just ordered from QutieLand:

(one in black and one in white)
(in pink to match the dress)

The only thing I've ordered from QutieLand in the past was a Lace Story purse - which was really good quality and hold a good amount of stuff.

From what I've read on reviews KidsYoYo is pretty decent quality.  Hopefully I won't be let down, I REALLY think this outfit is adorable - and it has a bonnet! <3

There were only 2 in stock when I placed my order. *crosses fingers*  Here's hoping the stock confirmation comes through.

So - next on the list is to purchase Landy (LUTS Super Senior DELF)  or at least one of his shorter cousins.

6:14AM, gotta go get some sleep - still have holiday shopping to finish tomorrow.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Music Lyrics:

Une petite valse d'amoureux
Rejouez-la-moi encore une fois
Je voudrais l'écouter encore un peu
Comme pour la première fois

Et si vous aimez cette melodie
Allons danser! ou bien chantez!
Vous retrouverez toute la magie
Des petits bals de l'été

Et bientôt musiciens, balladins et poètes
Vous diront, oh, combien ils aiment votre chanson
L'accordéon bien malin dans un brin de folie
Rejouera cristalin sans arrêt cette melodie

Et quand nous ne serons rien que nous deux
Que toi et moi, embrasse-moi
Nous serons toujours aussi amoureux
Ecoute, c'est merveilleux

Cette roman c'est tout comme un avoeu
Rappele-toi que bien des fois
Tu le voudras et tu rechanteras
La valse des amoureux!

Les musiciens n'y sont pour rien
Mais ils me font frissonner chaque fois
Qu'ils jouent cette valse en toute grâce;
Je pourrais l'écouter jusqu'à demain


Start new job tomorrow... nervous >.<

I feel like a freshman in High School again, only this time - my ability to pay bills hangs in the balance.  Sucktastic.